The Registrar of Societies has approved the Resolutions and the changes to The Sarawak Clubs constitution which were passed by members in the Annual General Meeting 2022. The changes became effective from 31 October 2022.

Below is a recap of the Resolutions. Details of the Resolutions are available on our website


AGM/2022/03 –  To specify that a co-opted Ordinary Member or Honorary Life Member would fill in for any vacancy in the Management Committee other than the President, until the next election in an Annual General Meeting – Amendment to Club Rule 25.2

AGM/2022/04 –  To delete the Resident, Outstation and Absent categories of membership and consequently to delete and or amend the Club Rules which are so affected by the said deletions – Club Rules 6.1, 7.8.5, 8.6, 23.1.2, 23.1.4, 23.1.6, 23.1.7, 23.2.1, 23.2.2, 23.2.3, 23.2.4, 23.2.5, 23.2.6, 23.2.7, 23.2.8, 23.2.9, 23.2.10, 26.1, 26.6, 27.2 and 28.7

AGM/2022/05 – To waive subscription for Ordinary Members and their Associate Members where the Ordinary Members have (1) been Ordinary Members for a minimum of 50 continuous years, and (2) have attained the age of 80, and (3) have never been listed as a defaulter on payments to the Club – Addition of new Club Rule 23.2.4

AGM/2022/06 –  To establish the transfer of an Ordinary Membership by Ordinary Members who have (1) been Ordinary Members for a minimum of 30 continuous years and (2) attained the age of 75; (Transferor Member) to a Connected Person of such Transferor Member (Transferee Member) and such Transferor Member and his spouse (if any) shall be permitted to convert over to be Associate Members of the said Transferee Member – Addition of new Club Rule 14.8 and addition of new Club Rule 7.6.3

The Management 

 04 November 2022

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