‘Club’ means the Sarawak Club

‘Convenor’ means the Club’s Tennis Convenor

“Club’s Rules” means the Rules of the Club.

“SST” means Sales and Service Tax.



The Rules of Lawn Tennis as approved by the International Tennis Federation shall be applied at the Club.



A.     All members of the Club may register as Registered Tennis Members

B.     A Registered Tennis Member shall be charged a monthly subscription of RM20.00+SST.

C.      Registered Tennis Members shall be graded into Grade A or Grade B based on their playing ability. The Tennis Sub-Committee shall carry out the initial grading.


4.0 Court Rotation, With Grading



  1. The Club will practice a grading-by-challenge system.
  2. The Grading System shall be managed by Grading Committee comprised of experienced registered tennis members. The Grading Committee will comprise:

a)      Tennis Convener

b)     Members from Grade A  (x2)

c)      Members from Grade B  (x2)

  1. The current grading of the present registered tennis players as of 1 October 2013 shall be maintained.
  2. All new registered tennis players shall automatically be assigned into Grade B.
  3. Any registered tennis members wishing to upgrade will have to submit an application to the Grading Committee. The Grading Committee will assign players for the challenge process.
  4. The challenge process:

a)      Double matches partnering different partners in round-robin format.

b)     Challenger will need to attain a specific win-ratio to be upgraded base on the following:

Composition of partners / challenger

Min. matches to play

Win ratio needed to upgrade

3 Grade A

1 challenger


60 %

2 Grade A

1 Grade B + 1 challenger


70 %

1 Grade A

2 Grade B + 1 challenger


75 %


3 Grade B + 1 challenger


80 %

c)      The challenge period must not exceed 2 months.

d)     Challenge matches are based on 1 standard set.

e)     The win ratio will be calculated from the 4 most recent results only within the challenge period.

f)       A challenger wishing to be upgraded must provide new tennis balls to be used in the challenge matches.

g)      The results of grading matches must be submitted by the challenger to the Grading Committee.

h)     The Tennis Convener shall keep a record of all grading matches and to inform the office of any successful upgrading of players.

i)       Challenger who fails to obtain the necessary win ratio during the challenge period may not challenge again within the next two months.

j)       The office shall post on the notice board the monthly list of registered tennis members and the grading.




1. All members of the Club as defined in Rule 7 of the Club’s Rules are eligible to use any of the tennis courts subject to these bye-laws.

a)      All Club members may use all the courts daily from 7.00am – 4.00pm.

b)     All the courts on Mondays, from 4pm to 7pm, are open to all Club members, namely both the registered tennis members and non-registered members. Tennis balls will be provided free.

c)      All the courts, from Tuesdays to Sundays, from 4pm to 7pm are open to all registered tennis members.

                           i.          Separate queues will be set up, one for each of the three courts; hangers for tennis rackets will be installed at the tennis gallery to facilitate the queue system

                          ii.          Any registered member can queue on any one court BUT not on more than one court

                         iii.          Players are allowed to remove themselves from any queue and join the back of any other queue OR the same queue

                         iv.          The first four players will proceed to play once the court is free or vacated. Player number 5 in the queue will then move to number 1 in that particular queue OR  may opt to join some other queue

                          v.          Any player who is unavailable for more than 5 minutes when the court is free for play, will have his turn forfeited and the next player in the queue will take over. The player whose turn is forfeited will move to the number 1 in the same queue OR may opt to join some other queue

                         vi.          Four players who are playing in a particular court are not allowed to move to another court where other players are already in the queue.

d)     Double matches shall have priority over single matches

e)     Warm up time should be no more than 5 minutes

f)       All players, after the completion of one set must vacate the court, even if other courts are vacant. However, if there are no others waiting to play, anyone or all of them can stay back to continue to play in the same court

g)      Play is based on one standard set, with a tie break at 5 games all

h)     Practices on the wall should be carried out at court 4 when it is vacant and not in court 2 or 3 so as not to disrupt play in the adjoining courts

Day session players shall vacate the tennis courts by 7.00pm unless they have booked the tennis court for the evening session



a)     All Club members may book the court daily from 7.00pm to 9.30pm.

b)     The charge is RM10.00+SST per hour per court and includes the use of the floodlights.

c)     Booking can be made up to one (1) day in advance on first come first serve basis.

d)     Members can make bookings either in person at Tennis Gallery counter or over the telephone.

e)     Members who fail to show up for their booking will still be charged the full amount of the booking.

f)     Any cancellation must be communicated to the Tennis Gallery counter with at least four (4) hours notice period before the start of the booking.

g)     If the member reserving the court does not occupy it within ten (10) minutes after the time stated in the booking register, the member will still be charged but the court may be used by other members subject to paying the appropriate charges.



Members bringing in guests to use the Tennis courts must comply with Rule 39 and will be charged RM10.00+SST per guest per day. Members shall be responsible for the observance of the Club Rules and Bye-laws by their guests.



  1. Reserved court days (Tue/Wed/Thu/Fri/Sat/Sun) - a registered tennis member shall play by turn on a first come first serve basis in their grade. Waiting time starts as soon as the member arrives at the Tennis Gallery and signs his name on the board when all the courts are occupied. A previous game shall not prejudice the member from being eligible to play on the next vacant court so long as he has signed in again on the completion of his previous set.
  2. Open court Day (Mon) - A member shall play by turn on a first come first serve basis. Waiting time starts as soon as the member arrives at the Tennis Gallery and signs his name on the board when all the courts are occupied. A previous game shall not prejudice the member from being eligible to play on the next vacant court so long as he has signed in again on the completion of his previous set.
  3. The next-in-line to play shall take the next available court. A member who refuses to do so shall have deemed to have forfeited his/her turn to play and shall rejoin the queue as the last name on the board.
  4. A member is not allowed to sign in for another member who is currently engaged in a game or who is not physically present at the Tennis Gallery.
  5. Members are not allowed to wait at the court side for a vacant court.
  6. No member, other than the person appointed to act as umpire for a match during a tournament, is allowed to be on any of the court side Umpire’s chair.
  7. Members who are next -in-line to play but are not present in person shall forfeit his/her turn after 5 minutes grace when a court is available.
  8. Where forfeiture occurs as in clause 4.3.7 hereof the persons whose names are next-in-line shall have the right to play.
  9. Two members on the waiting list will have standing. Any two members may join them to make a foursome when four or fewer games have been played. When the score of a singles has reached 5 games and above, members waiting are not allowed to join in.
  10. Any member playing on any one court must vacate on completion of one set, even though other courts are available/vacant. The member may continue to play on if there is no other member waiting for that court.
  11. Play is to be based on one standard set, with a tiebreak after games are tied 6-6.



The Management Committee reserves the right to book and cancel booking of tennis courts for the purpose of holding competitions, friendly matches between the club and other organizations, exhibitions matches and any other activity as the Committee may deem fit.


6.    ATTIRE

Members and their guests playing tennis shall be properly attired while on the courts. Only tennis shoes with rubberized soles shall be permitted on the courts. While on the courts, no players shall be without shirt or suitable top attire.



The Club shall not be liable to any member and / or his guests for any accident or injury sustained on the tennis courts.



Any damage caused to the tennis court or any part thereof by any member or his / her guests shall be made good by that member paying to the Club the cost of repairing the said damage.



No member or his guests shall litter the courts or surrounding areas or leave or throw any waste rubbish or anything whatsoever brought in by him onto the tennis courts.



Drinks in glasses and food of any kind shall not be brought onto the tennis courts.



A.     A fine of RM15.00 shall be imposed on the first offence on any member who or whose guest breaches any of the bye-laws.

B.     For the second and subsequent offence, a fine of RM50.00 shall be imposed.

C.      The Tennis Sub-Committee reserves the right to suspend any habitual offender from the tennis courts for a period not exceeding six months.



The Management committee may from time to time, add to, alter and repeal Bye-laws for the regulation of the affairs of the club. Such Bye-laws so made, added to, altered or repealed shall come into operation and binding on members after they have been posted in the Club premises for fifteen days.