Brooke Chamber Games Room

1.                HOURS OF OPERATION

The Brooke Chamber Games Room shall open daily from 9.00am – 7.00pm.


2.                BOOKING OF GAMES ROOM

A.     The Games Room can accommodate two separate table bookings concurrently, i.e. the venue can be booked and shared by two separate members and their respective party.

B.     The charge is RM8.00+SST per table per hour.

C.      Consecutive booking of a table by the same member is allowed for a maximum aggregate period of four (4) hours only in the same day, provided that a free table is available; any member is allowed to book a subsequent one-hour session.

D.     Booking of the Games Room is strictly through the Club’s App.

E.      Bookings can be made up to one (1) day in advance on first come first serve basis.

F.      Any cancellation must be communicated to the Activities Department with at least four (4) hours notice period before the start of the booking.

G.     Members who fail to show up for their booking will still be charged the full amount of the booking.

3.                DRESS CODE

Members and guests are to be smartly and appropriately attired. Swimming attire is strictly prohibited.


4.                GUESTS

Members may invite guests to the Games Room but all guest are to comply with Rule 39 of the Club Rules.



Members and their guests shall not play any of the games prohibited by the Common Gaming House Act, 1953 and any other law applicable in Sarawak in the Games Room.


6.                SMOKING

Smoking is prohibited in the Games Room.


7.                AMENDMENTS

The Management Committee may from time to time, add to, alter and repeal Bye-laws for the regulation of the affairs of the club. Such Bye-laws so made, added to, altered or repealed shall come into operation and binding on members after they have been posted in the Club premises for fifteen days.