Code of Conduct Bye Laws

This Code of Conduct is not intended to create a bureaucratic, regulatory environment, but rather, to promote and enhance our Club values.  This Code of Conduct is designed to promote civility, honesty and equality and to serve as a constant reminder to Members to show due consideration to fellow Members sharing in our wonderful Club facilities. 

1.       Treat everyone equally and do not discriminate on the grounds of age, gender, disability, race, ethnic origin, nationality, colour, parental or marital status, religious belief, class or social background, sexual preference or political belief. 

2.       Do not condone, or allow to go unchallenged, any form of discrimination if witnessed. 

3.       Members must display high standards of behaviour, behave appropriately and avoid inappropriate behaviour that may inconvenience or upset others or portray the Club in a bad light. Inappropriate includes, but is not limited to, swearing, discourteous language or gesture, or disrespect used toward any individual – Member or staff; abusive behaviour; persistent or boisterous outbursts; extreme display of anger; destruction of property; or inappropriate dress or personal appearance. 

4.       Any business transacted at the Club shall be done discreetly and in a manner that does not interfere with the sport and leisure activities of other Members. 

5.       Take care of all property belonging to the Club or any Club Member. 

6.       Be responsible for caring for your own equipment, clothing and property. Members are requested to store their property (in particular, sports equipment and sport bags) in designated storage areas. Sport bags should not be brought into the restaurant areas.  

7.       The discreet use of cell phone is permitted on the Club premises but Members are requested to exercise good manners and consideration to fellow Members. 

8.       The use of personal entertainment device (e.g. music players, notebooks, tablets, game console) is permitted on the Club premises but Members are requested to exercise good manners and consideration to fellow Members. Audio devices are to be used exclusively with earphones or headphones. 

9.       Members should not smoke or drink while around children in the Club. 

10.   Bullying, abuse or taking unfair advantage of another club member will not be tolerated. 

11.   No engaging in any form of sexually related contact with a member of staff. This is strictly forbidden, as is sexual innuendo, flirting or inappropriate gestures and terms. 

12.   Any act of sexual harassment towards another Member or staff will be severely dealt with by the Club’s Management. 

13.   No Club employees shall be reprimanded or in any way punished by a Member or guest. In the event of any fault being found with any employees the matter shall be reported to the Honorary Secretary who will take necessary action. 

14.   Complaints shall be made personally or in writing to the Honorary Secretary either by letter or on the forms provided for the purpose. The Honorary Secretary shall take immediate steps to acquaint the Committee of the complaint and shall in due course inform the complainant of the action taken. 

15.   While the Management welcomes constructive input; complaints, negative comments and unflattering remarks made in public or on any online website by Members about the Club, its Members and services, serve no purpose other than to demean. Members must not disparage, demean, make negative remarks about the Club, or engage in libelous writings or slanderous remarks harmful to the reputation of the Club or its Members, the Club’s Management Committee, officers or employees or make threats to the Club. At the sole discretion of the Club, any violation of this paragraph may result in disciplinary action. 

16.   Members are not allowed to represent the Club in dealings with other 3rd party organization / entity without the express written permission of the Club’s Management Committee. Members shall not engage in any conduct designed and orchestrated to deceive or defraud prospects, Members, or anyone else while representing themselves as part of the Club. At the sole discretion of the Club, any violation of this paragraph may result in disciplinary action. 

17.   Be a good sport, abide by the Code of Conduct and respect all Members and staff.