Hornbill Restaurant

1.      Members and guests are expected to be smartly and appropriately attired


For Men              Swimming attire, T-shirts and shirts without sleeves and/or collars (except traditional costumes e.g ‘baju melayu’), rubber/flip flop slippers, shorts and torn jeans ARE NOT acceptable.


For Ladies          Swimming attire, rubber/flip flop slippers, shorts, torn jeans and collarless T-shirts ARE NOT acceptable. 


Bar stewards and waitresses are directed not to serve members who are not properly attired.


2.      Children below 12 years of age are exempted from the above dress code except swimming attire.


3.      (a)   Members have the privilege of booking the whole or part of the Hornbill Restaurant for Banquets.


(b) A Banquet is defined as a private function consisting of 8 or more tables and held in a private section of the Hornbill Restaurant or taking up the whole of the Hornbill Restaurant. All Banquets will be subjected to charges which are in accordance with the current banquet menu and banquet pricing.


(c) While a Banquet may be booked by multiple members for one banquet event, the menu and pricing shall nevertheless be charged based on the current banquet menu and banquet pricing.


4.   (a) A minimum spend is chargeable for the privilege of dining in the Kingfisher Room and/or the Woodpecker Room. The minimum spend is RM450.00+SST per table for food only, excluding drinks.


(b) In the event that a member who has made reservation to dine at the Kingfisher Room and/or the Woodpecker Room, fails to turn up for the reservation made, or makes a same-day-cancellation, then a fee of RM50.00+SST per table will be charged to the said member’s account


1.      Pork, live stock (including live fish, crabs and other seafood) raw food materials which are a health risk to the well-being of our members and staff as well as such other raw food materials which are not acceptable to the Club, at the Club’s absolute discretion, shall not be accepted for preparation and cooking.