Rajah Room

1.       Children below the age of 9 years are not allowed except on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, Eve of Public Holidays and Public Holidays. All children must be accompanied by adults. 

2.       Smoking is not allowed in the restaurant. 

3.       Priority for seating in the Rajah Lounge is given to diners of the Rajah Room or Hornbill Restaurant. 

4.       Members and guests are expected to be smartly and appropriately attired. 

5.     For Men                    Swimming attire, T-shirts and shirts without sleeves and / or collars (except traditional costumes e.g ‘baju melayu’), rubber / flip flop slippers, shorts and torn jeans ARE NOT acceptable.


For Ladies                 Swimming attire, rubber / flip flop slippers, shorts, torn jeans and collarless T-shirts ARE NOT acceptable.


6.     Corkage will be charged in accordance to the current corkage rate determined by the Management Committee. 

7.    Use of mobile phones and tablets are permitted but must be on silent mode in the restaurant. Incoming calls must be answered outside of the restaurant and away from its entrance. Outgoing calls must be made outside of the restaurant and away from its entrance.