Swimming Pool


All pool users are reminded to practice good etiquette. 

When swimming:

§  Shower before entering the swimming pool.

§  No running at poolside.

§  No rough play in and around the swimming pool.

§  Do not splash the non-swimmers.

§  Have fun, but don’t be so noisy as to be a distraction for other pool users.

§  Do not impede other swimmers. 

After swimming:

§  If you are wet, please wipe down before entering the dry changing area.

§  Do not hog the benches with your personal belongings. Keep them in the locker instead.

§  Remember to return the towels and/or the locker keys to the issuing counter before you leave. 


The swimming pool is open to members and their guests as follows:- 

A.      7.30am – 9.30pm on Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Sunday.

B.      8.30am – 9.30pm on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. 

Swimmers will be required to leave the pool during heavy local thunderstorms.

The Committee may at any time amend these hours. 

3.       CHILDREN

A.      Children under 12 years old will only be permitted in the pool and its surroundings, PROVIDED they are accompanied by an adult member of the Club who will maintain constant supervision. The Committee will ban from the Club any children who are not accompanied or who have misbehaved. Members will be fully responsible for the conduct and behavior of their children and will be liable to the Committee in respect of any damage or injury caused by the children and shall fully indemnify the Club in respect of any act or default on their or their children’s part.

B.      When in the swimming pool, children under 12 years old MUST be in the charge of a parent or any adult. This means the adult in charge must at all times be beside the pool keeping an eye on them.

C.      Children accompanied by a parent or any adult may use the pool to 9.00pm on weekdays and 9.30pm on weekends, eves of public holidays and school holidays. 


Servants, Household Helpers and Drivers may accompany children to the pool but children may NOT be left in their sole charge. Servants, Household Helpers and Drivers are not permitted to enter the pool. 

5.       INFANTS

Children under 5 years old may use the Ladies Changing room. From 5 years and above, children MUST use the Changing Room allocated to their respective sexes. 


The Committee accepts no responsibility for any accident or injury of whatsoever nature to members, their guests or their children. 


Swimmers MUST take a shower and use the footbath before entering the pool. No member, guest or child may enter the pool if they are suffering from any contagious disease. 


Main swimming pool:- Only flotation aids and equipment for swim training such as hand paddles are permitted to be used in the main swimming pool. Drinking water in sealed plastic bottles are permitted at pool side.

 Wading pool:- Only floatation aid and water-based toys may only be brought into the wading pool. 


No smoking, food or refreshments are allowed in the pool or within a radius of four feet of the edge of the pool unless with prior consent of the committee member in writing for functions or private parties. 


All members and guests using the pool must wear proper swimming attire. Any member entering the pool in clothes other than swimming attire will be fined RM10.00 for each offence. 

Any member or members responsible for another member entering the pool in clothes other than swimming attire will be fined RM10.00 for each offence. 


The Committee reserves the right to decide what constitutes proper swimming attire. 


A.      No person in swimming attire may enter any part of the main club building.

B.      No person shall enter the filtration plant section unless specially authorized to do so by a member of the Committee.

C.      No person may climb upon the cascade. 


No swimming will be permitted after 7.00pm if pool lighting is malfunctioning. 


Only very small infants and the person in charge of them are allowed in the wading pool. 


A.      Members wishing their children to join swimming lessons must fill in and submit the appropriate forms.

B.      Members with children enrolled in the swimming classes will continue to be charged the prescribed fees until the members have withdrawn them from the classes by filling in the appropriate withdrawal forms.

C.      Children who are absent from four consecutive classes without notice or good reasons might have their names removed for the classes.

D.      Children are admitted to the appropriate classes in order of application.

E.       Children should be punctual for the swimming classes and parents should fetch them without delay at the conclusion of the classes. 

16.   GUESTS

The swimming pool is restricted for use by club members and their children only. 

Members bringing in guests to use the Multi-Purpose Hall must comply with Rule 39 and will be charged RM10.60 per guest per day. Members shall be responsible for the observance of the Club Rules and Bye-laws by their guests.


Towels are available for rent at the Towel Counter. The rental fee for each towel per use is RM2.00. 

Towels must be returned to the issuing counter after use, before 9.30pm. Used towels left in the changing room are deemed as not returned to the Club. Members will be charged RM50.00 as a replacement fee for each towel not returned by the end of the day of rent. 

18. Lockers

Lockers are issued to members on a per usage basis, free-of-charge. Keys must be returned to the issuing counter after use, before 9.30pm. Keys left in the changing room are deemed as not returned to the Club. . Members will be charged RM100 as a replacement fee for each locker key not returned by the end of the day of issue. 

Whilst lockers are provided in the Changing Rooms, money and valuables and other belongings put into the lockers will be at the sole risk of Members. 


Any member or his guests who conduct themselves in such a manner that constitutes harm or injury to other swimmers or themselves will be asked to stop and, failing to do so, the Pool Attendant will have the authority to ask the offenders to leave. 

Any non-compliance will result in a RM10.00 fine being imposed on the offending member or for his guest. Repeated non-compliance will lead to suspension of any member responsible from use of the pool for a maximum period of 6 months for an offence. 


The Management Committee may from time to time, add to, alter and repeal Bye-Laws for the regulation of the affairs of the club. Such Bye-laws so made, added to, altered or repealed will come into operation and be binding on members after they have been posted in the club premises for fifteen days.