Tennis Etiquettes

1.       ORDER OF PLAY 

A.      The order of play shall be on a first come first serve basis.

B.      Players who have finished a match shall give way to those waiting. If only two players are waiting then two of the players who have just finished may continue. Thereafter the two players continuing to play may, in order of preference be the first two to have arrived and the winners of the previous match respectively.

C.      Where there are six players to a court the winning pair shall not continue playing three consecutive matches. Players are requested to be considerate and to give way so that every player would have two matches.

D.      In the case when two pairs are playing and four players who have already finished playing are waiting to play again, and a new player arrives then this player shall be allowed to play in the next match.   


Players waiting to play on a court which has been dried by those then playing on it should in turn dry another wet court so that the first four players may move over to a dried court on finishing their match. 

3.     BALLS

All players shall be expected to use balls which are in good playing condition. 

4.     BALL BOYS

As no ball boys are provided, all players shall be expected to pick the balls on their side of the court. 


Players are at all times to keep the courts and their surroundings clean and tidy, and to refrain from littering.